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Adam Gilberti Biography

Adam Gilberti was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and began composing at the age of 8 years old, inspired by the film scores of John Williams and listening to the pipe organ in the pizza restaurant around the corner from his house. His first large ensemble score was called "Tetrahedron" and saw its premiere during his freshman year in high school by Conductor Vernon Miyata. An even larger and more ambitious score for extended wind ensemble and string soloists entitled "Forces of Nature" was premiered in his senior year in high school and was later performed and recorded by the UCSB Wind Ensemble under the direction of Paul Bambach.

Adam is now completing his 5th year at the University of California, Santa Barbara as a B.M. music composition major and plans to graduate in June 2004. After that he plans to continue music composition to the PhD level and score on the Hollywood sound stage as well as teach university level composition and orchestration.

Adam has studied piano and organ with the late Marion Ritchie, percussion with Jon Nathan, orchestration with William Kraft, and composition with Joel Feigin. He has taken second place in the vocal division of the Corwin Composition Competition for his chamber version of "Four Poems" and first place in the large ensemble division for his massive symphony "Reflections of Honor." His special interest for rare and unique instruments has driven his goal to gain notoriety for many beautiful and sadly forgotten treasures of the musical world. He also has a special interest in expanding the typical orchestra to include more of these types of sounds. He has been well received by audiences for his inventive and audience-friendly compositions and has done scoring work for National Geographic.

Adam plays piano, organ, bassoon, saxophone, string bass, harp, and percussion. When not composing, he enjoys learning new instruments, swimming, wine-tasting, traveling, and hiking. He also writes the film scores for his younger brother's films and teaches private students in composition and orchestration.

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